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Roland MV-8800

Last year I purchased an used Roland MV-8800 music production studio. Well, used, the guy I bought the machine from literally didn’t touched it at all, after he bought it years ago.

‘MV’, as fans tenderly like to call it, is an amazing attempt of Roland from 2003 to undermine the domination of Akai’s MPC production machines in the hiphop community.

As seen before with the Japanese corporation’s inventions, Roland didn’t really succeed to convince musicians of the advantages above the beloved MPC series, although the machine had a substantial userbase of fans and believers.

The production ended in 2010 and from then it became a much sought-after item. In the end, and this is part of the history of innovations of Roland, the ‘MV’ appeared to be much more innovative en ahead of his time than musicians, especially, hiphop producers, acknowledged at that time.

If you interested, than it’s absolutely worth to watch the lengthy video about the ‘MV’ of two former employees of Roland who promoted the machines back then.

I ended up with a totally new, not used ‘MV’ which was held in storage for years. It was sold to me with the even more rare MV8-OP1 Audio I/O Expansion Card, which was even never installed by the former owner. Roland discontinued the expansion card already a few years after its release.

Inside the ‘MV’: everything orderly placed and tagged with ‘Roland’ and ‘made in Japan’. The only foreign dissonant is the new black Zheino 128 GB SSD 😉

Last weekend I opened (together with good and very handy friend @roel-urbancapture) the ‘MV’ to install the expansion card and upgrade the memory with a 512 MB RAM module, plus we replaced the original 40 GB harddrive for an 128 GB SSD drive. With the maxed out specifications, the ‘MV’ is 10 years after its release still a production anomaly which really haven’t any peers.

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