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Adidas Nostalgia

When I was in secondary school in the eighties I envied my classmate who always wore the most popular and expensive brands. I remember I watched the Adidas sneakers he was wearing in the shopping window of the local sports shop and I was totally disappointed because I knew my parents would (and could) never pay that extremely high price for a pair of sneakers.

When you’re getting older, you find out that everything, you desire, feel, think and do is based on experiences from the past. I can still vividly see those sneakers of that guy with those rich (divorced) parents for me. They are exactly like the ZX930XEQT shoes from the new ‘Never Made Collection‘ of Adidas. The only difference is that my desirable unpayable Adidas sneakers in the eighties were blue instead of green.

PS: I found them back in this great overview, they are on number 49 🙂

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