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Brothers Phil and Paul Hartnoll of electronica duo Orbital decided in 2014 to end their musical partnership after 25 years and eight studio albums. They have a big footprint on the electronic music heritage starting at the end of the eighties. So it’s always interesting to see how one of the brothers builds a track in Fact Magazine’s series ‘Against the Clock’.

Especially for established names in electronic music, accepting the challenge to make music in just ten minutes is a brave thing to do. Big names (and smaller names as well) have a lot more to lose than to win. I guess that’s why Fact decided to shut down the comments under their video’s of the series. To offer a safe place to the exposed artists. I stil regret that. The comments were trolling and at times totally off topic or offensive, but for the greater part they did add some interesting perspectives to the results of the artists.

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