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Cassette Tape Decks

It’s not for everybody, but for who likes vintage, music and nostalgia, the cassette tape deck is a cheap and distinguished option for enjoying and recording music. Besides, the cassette offers a nice alternative for the much hyped and persistent comeback of vinyl.

The Vinyl Factory, made a winsome overview of the 8 best cassette tape decks for home listening. A nice starting point when you want to dig one up on Ebay or Marktplaats.

In the Netherlands the cassette revival is originated from the east side, Lochem, where and old cassette tape factory is bought by a Dutch cassette tape enthusiast and entrepreneur. He appeared in an entertaining article together with the Dutch inventor of the cassette tape (at Philips Audio) in the NRC.

Buyer of the last cassette tape factory in the Netherlands, Thomas Baur (left) with Lou Ottens, inventor of the cassette tape for Philips Audio (right) Photo: Roger Cremers, NRC

And with many electronics from the past, in Japan the cassette tape has never been away, and is still a popular niche in the music formats today.

If the revival will be as popular as the comeback of vinyl remains to be seen. As there are enthusiast, maybe there are more rational critics. For example in the Telegraph:

The impending cassette renaissance is doomed to be principally driven by men with beards and braces who have been seduced by the sub-par audio quality and colour-customisable cases. And, whilst they discover the dulcet tones of Adam and the Ants over a pint of craft beer, the rest of the world will leave cassettes where they truly belong: in the past (or a spectacularly dated car).

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