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Expo Electro

When planning a trip to Paris, or when being there already, The Philharmonie de Paris is worth a visit.

Till 11 august you can see expo ‘Electro’ and take a dive in the past and present of electronic dance music.

Kraftwerk, who is also performing at the Philharmonie in July, created a series of videos for the exhibition that are projected in 3D and broadcast using spatialized sound.

Jean-Michel Jarre conceived an “imaginary studio” from his personal collection of rare synthesizers, paying tribute to the revolutionary technologies that accompanied him throughout his career.

And the Daft Punk duo borrows for the exhibition sounds, images and references from disco, funk, hard rock, science fiction and art movies, video games and manga, amongst others. They also present Technologic Redux (2019) an installation inspired by their Technologic video from 2005.

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