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Future Music Sample CD #1
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Future Music magazine released it’s first ever cover mounted sample CD sometime in 1992-1993. At that time, young upcoming musicians used the samples to make songs which are now classics. Online magazine The Ransom Note did find the CD somewhere in a distant cave of the internet and gave us the coordinates.

Hardcore & Jungle

The CD was a compilation of everything from breakbeat loops to vocal hits to blasts of ‘ethnic’ instruments and sounds. There were even a couple of beats and samples provided by well known names like Paul Hardcastle, Coldcut, a pre-Fatboy Slim Norman Cook. Listening to the samples will definitely throw you back to the underground hardcore and jungle dance floors of the nineties. A real joy!

One of my favorite tutorial vloggers, STRANJAH, made a live stream to recreate Valley of the Shadows by Origin Unknown, using six samples of the Future Music sample CD. Very insightful and inspiring.


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