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Mix-CD #2: Men On The Moon
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With the idea of making a musical tribute to the first landing on the moon 50 years ago on July 20th 2019, another big influence from my youth came to my mind: Tintin.

Worn Out

The two comic books Destination Moon (1953) and Explorers On The Moon (1954) describes prophetically specific the first landing on the moon, almost two decades before it happened in real life. I still own the complete Tintin series. I got a Tintin comic every birthday, holiday or any other celebration. Especially the two comic books about the landing on the moon are completely worn out, the pages detached from the cover. I read them literally to pieces.


In the spirit of HergĂ©’s stories, I have made two Mix-CDs to celebrate the landing on the moon. Rocket To The Moon (based on the Dutch translation of Tintin’s adventure ‘Raket Naar De Maan’) and the sequel Men On The Moon (translated from the Dutch ‘Mannen Op De Maan’). Following the corresponding radio messages on the journey to the moon and the way back. Blending them in a mix of old skool and contemporary ambient Drum ‘n’ bass.


  1. Klute-Three Of Us
  2. J Majik-Escape
  3. Makato-Enterprise
  4. Naibu-Achille
  5. Makato-Far East
  6. Bop-Untitled Pattern 62
  7. Spirit-Interval
  8. Anile-Forever Last Out
  9. Command Strage-Motion

Mix-CD By Mail

I have never abandoned the compact disc. Music on cd still sounds much better than on the music platforms we are all used to. Besides, Mixcloud, the service I use to share my dj-mixes, can be very restrictive and picky towards my Mix-CDs.

So, I’ll share my music on cd too. And for the record: For free! If you are interested in a Mix-CD, and hopefully in the future, my own tracks, leave your email in the box at the top of the right column and you will be subscribed to my mailinglist. When you are subscribed, I will ask you if you like to receive my Mix-CD’s at your address, nicely old fashioned delivered by The Netherland’s oldest postal service.


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