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Mix-CD #3: Tribute To Florian
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On may 6th, 2020 Florian Schneider, together with Ralf Hütter founder of the band Kraftwerk, died at the age of 73. Schneider left Kraftwerk in 2008 and has maintained a low profile since.


Schneider will forever be the forefather of electronic music. Early hiphop, house and techno artists were heavily inspired and influenced by Kraftwerk. As a child, the first pop song I really liked was Kraftwerk’s ‘The Model’ from 1982. Kraftwerk defined my taste for electronic music since then.

I have always been a big fan of the music of Kraftwerk. So with the sad news of the passing of Florian Schneider, I had to try to put some iconic songs together, blended with a couple of quotes of him, from one of the rare radio interviews he gave in his life.


  1. Snippet radio interview Florian Schneider and Ralf Hütter for Triad Radio, Chicago, 20th of April, 1975
  2. The Voice Of Energy
  3. Home Computer
  4. It’s More Fun To Compute
  5. Metropolis
  6. Space lab
  7. Elektro Kardiogramm
  8. Aéro Dynamik
  9. House phone
  10. Electric Café
  11. Numbers
  12. Expo 2000 (Kling Klang Mix 2002)
  13. Computer World 2
  14. Computer World
  15. Snippet radio interview Florian Schneider and Ralf Hütter for Triad Radio, Chicago, 20th of April, 1975

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So, I’ll share my music on cd too. And for the record: For free! If you are interested in a Mix-CD, and hopefully in the future, my own tracks, leave your email in the box at the top of the right column and you will be subscribed to my mailinglist. When you are subscribed, I will ask you if you like to receive my Mix-CD’s at your address, nicely old fashioned delivered by The Netherland’s oldest postal service.


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