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Mix-CD #4: Hold Me Tight
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My Mix-CD ‘Hold me Tight’ is a tribute to all the music artists, music venues, bars and cafes which are gravely hit by the Covid-pandamic. It’s a tribute to nightlife which has been taken away from everyone around the world. Somewhere in the future we will look back and conclude if we did the right thing.


I have chosen only Drum ‘n’ bass tracks which are made during the pandemic, through 2020 and the start of 2021. I had a hard time selecting the tracks, because during the pandemic so many excellent songs are released. I truly believe that at this moment Drum ‘n’ bass is undergoing a renaissance of its original high days in the nineties.

Album Art

The cover photo on the CD is shot by a good friend. He made a series of the empty streets in the old town of Amsterdam during lock-down. You may check his work here.


  1. Intro
  2. Om Unit – Joyspark
  3. Sully – Memories
  4. John Rolodex – Interdimensional Espionage
  5. Etherwood – American Fruity
  6. Winslow – Mumbles Of Grace
  7. Machinedrum – Braided Leaves
  8. Black Barrel – Lonely Together
  9. Mitekiss – Tonic
  10. Need For Mirrors – Cole
  11. Mountain – Trumpet Uncle
  12. Bladerunner – Don’t Let Me Go
  13. Lakeway – Tearful Tripper
  14. John B – Up All Night (Remastered 2021)
  15. Outro

Mix-CD By Mail

I have never abandoned the compact disc. Music on cd still sounds much better than on the music platforms we are all used to. Besides, Mixcloud, the service I use to share my dj-mixes, can be very restrictive and picky towards my Mix-CDs.

So, I’ll share my music on cd too. And for the record: For free! If you are interested in a Mix-CD, and hopefully in the future, my own tracks, leave your email in the box at the top of the right column and you will be subscribed to my mailinglist. When you are subscribed, I will ask you if you like to receive my Mix-CD’s at your address, nicely old fashioned delivered by The Netherland’s oldest postal service.


If you want to share some thoughts on the music, please do in the comments below.


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