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Rec-Track: NC-17
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A new recurrent section on my website is my recommendation for an album or track. Abbreviated to Rec-Track. In this first installment, I’d like to recommend NC-17’s new album Most Violent Year Album Part 1

Horror Movies

Written during the last 12 months of lockdown, Most Violent Year is the debut album of Canadian producer NC-17. It sounds upfront, energetic and dark, without putting your ears or head too much to the test.

The album is clearly influenced by the late 90s tech-step Drum ‘n’ bass, one of my favorite genres from that time. Together with NC-17’s love for horror movies and classic cinema, the debut album has turned out to be a very nice contemporary Drum ‘n’ bass production with a (dark) soul of its very best ancestors.


You can listen Most Violent Year on the great Bandcamp, which means no restriction in listening before you decide to buy a digital or hard copy.

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