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Rec-Track: Ivy Lab
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Ivy Lab is a musical collaboration between drum ‘n’ bass producers Saber and Stray. The collaboration exists for ten years and delivers some really nice music.


Ivy lab explores the boundaries of English ‘bass’ music, a melting pot of hip-hop, jungle, breakbeat, trap and other subgenres that rely heavily on voluptuous bass lines and drum machine rhythms.

The latest album ‘Infinite Falling Ground’ fits into the ‘future beats or halftime’ moniker: hip-hop rhythms, with driving bass lines and collages of electronic sounds and heavily pitched voices (chipmunks!). It has the easy pace of lo-fi and instrumental hip-hop. I like the moody and almost comforting atmosphere of the tracks.


You can listen the full album on Bandcamp.


2 Comments to “Rec-Track: Ivy Lab”

  1. Susanne says:

    Ik hoor de eekhoorns niet in de nummers van je highlights. Kan ook aan mij liggen… Weinig geduld om op de eekhoorn te wachten…laat zich dus niet zien of in dit geval horen 😉 Zal later nog wat rustiger luisteren. Anyway muziektips altijd leuk 🙂 Doei!

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