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Rec-Track: Machinedrum
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This time in Rec-Track, my recommendation for an album or track: Machinedrum with his latest EP ‘Psyconia’.

Eclectic Mix

Machinedrum aka Travis Stewart is a long time contributor to the Drum ‘n’ bass, Breakbeat and Broken beat music scene. His music is always developing and changing, never staying in the ‘safe zone’.

Machinedrum’s new album ‘Psyconia’ is a wonderful eclectic mix of electronic music at its finest. Psyconia is a discovery mission in the spaces between Broken beats, Hip-hop, Techno and Drum & bass. The tracks cover a wide range of styles, without losing Travis Stewart’s inimitable sonic signature. 


On the EP I have two favorites. ‘Stone Age’, with rapper Deniro Farrar and ‘Stairzzzzzz’ a crazy lyrical and mesmerizing song which strongly reminds me of the music of Squarepusher from the early nineties.

You can listen ‘Psyconia’ on the great Bandcamp, which means no restriction in listening before you decide to buy a digital or hard copy.


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